Sunday, April 15, 2012

6 Months Later:)

Today, Matt and I celebrate 6 months of marriage!  We went to church and Bible study with my parents at Magnolia Avenue Baptist church this morning and are planning on having an evening together tonight.  We're in the middle of our visa applications, so it will be very refreshing to have a relaxing evening out of the house and where we have to act like grown-ups. I love being with him so much :)
    So, I've updated the website, finally! And it only took 2 hours, ugh.  But I'm proud of it!  I also added a page that gives a background of Matt and I and how the plan to move to New Zealand came about.  It's the brief version :)

I'm going to use this Blog as a place for anyone to keep updated with my husband and I, the latest with Calvary Chapel Nelson New Zealand, and a way to keep family and friends updated on how they may pray for us.  We appreciate any encouragement and all the prayers!
Love, Kaci