Wednesday, November 9, 2011

3 weeks and 4 days as Husband and Wife!

I just spent 3 hours finally figuring out how to blog and add colors and fonts, etc. I'm exhausted!
And I haven't posted anything since August when it was getting closer to the wedding. woops:)
But, now we're married!!! And wow, we LOVE it! I never knew love could have such depth but it does.... and we have it! God definitely has the best plan! Matt is a wonderful husband, friend and leader.  He's the best man alive I believe ;) And I love him SOOOOO much!! I'm so blessed and love this life with him.

Well, here are some updates since October 15th:

Matt and I got married October 15th at Harvest Christian Fellowship. It was an outside wedding before sunset and we had an incredible reception outside also at the Baptismal.... It was AMAZING! So many amazing things occurred that night that just made the wedding beyond our dreams! Everyone helped in a thousand ways and we felt so loved.  Pictures to come.

Our honeymoon was such so dreamy:) Matt took wonderful care of me and we had a beautiful time together in Big Bear & Mammoth.  We're the outdoorsy type of couple:) During Fall it's stunning. We didn't want to come home! Overall, it was a Very blessed week:)

Now we are living in our very spacious apartment that Matt provides for us.  I am, of course, turning it into our home until we move.  We have everything a new couple could possibly need and I love seeing it look more and more cozy for my husband & I:)  

Now, every morning when Matt goes to work, he takes a few minutes to lay back down with me and hold me before he gets all dirty and sweaty at work.... what a man!! He's SUCH a hard worker and has the best attitude I've ever seen.  He has true humility and I see God blessed what he puts his hands to.
Life is sweet and we are willing to face whatever comes our way together with the Lord.

In May ir June of next year, Matt & I are planning on moving to New Zealand for up to 4 years as "Church workers" according to the New NZ policy that went into action this month. We are starting our application process this week (once I get my name legally change) and will put it in the Lord's hands.
We're very excited! Please keep us in your prayers in that and we know God will speak to us during this whole time here in the States.

Well, It's a Wednesday and I have lots of activities to do tonight! I will post again probably next Wednesday or sooner, hopefully.