Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 months & New Zealand Preparation

Matt and I have been married 3 months today and we are finally starting to feel like we are settled in. I LOVE being married to him and he's the best gift I have ever received from the Lord:)  Though it's nice to feel like we have finally slowed down and gotten back to a regular schedule, we realize that in 4 and a half short months, we will be planning to be packed up and heading to New Zealand! If the Lord wills, we're planning to live in Nelson, NZ for a few years serving at the Calvary Chapel and then see where the Lord leads us from there; reapplying for Visas or residency to continue, etc..  Planning is going everyday and options are narrowing down for what is best.  Visas require a LOT of running around the city, (as if changing my last name wasn't enough fun), but we are trusting the Lord's timing to pan out great.  Here are just a few things that we need to get done:

-Wait for the FBI to send back our background checks
-Get Dx approved full physicals
-Get x-rays no more than 3 months old for the application
-Update my passport last name (me)
-Get a job offer (If we go the "Work" Visa route) and then apply for that Visa
-Or begin seeking complete support from an orginization and apply under the "Church Worker" Visa. (Sounds easier than a work Visa , but very difficult to have promised support and proof for a year in advance)
-Get my kitty, Boo, cleared and approved for travel/animal shipment. (6 month process)
-Figure out how to ship our stuff to New Zealand the cheapest route by sea
-Book ONE-WAY tickets:)
-(Stuff I forgot)
-and pack!

Once we get our background checks back, we then can get our physicals/xrays and apply for work Visas (we each apply), but that is if we have a job offer and can get it in writing.  Then get it approved once we submit all our paperwork for the Visa. If no job offer is coming up, then we will attempt the "church worker" Visa route and have any support go through a foundation that can be considered the "Organization" supporting us.  Either way Matt and I will need/ want to work because the church cannot fully support itself financially.

There is a lot to do, but Matt & I keep thinking about people at Calvary Chapel Nelson and how none of this planning and running around is a waste or a burden at any point.   Matt's been learning, studying and growing immensely in his readiness and ability to teach.  I'm so proud of him and respect him tremendously.  I've been (and am) growing in my complete trust with the Lord and reliance upon His Word in every aspect of my life and thoughts.  If it takes extra time to stay in the U.S. until we are approved, then it will be worth it, but Matt and I are doing everything we can to be prompt:)

I will end on this thought,
  When I get overwhelmed, I have to stop and remember Who overcomes. His ways are higher, better, wiser, and I can' use His ways without Him leading.

Kaci Taylor