Thursday, June 14, 2012

17 Days Until we move to Another Country!

I can barely believe it! In 17 days Matt and I will be boarding a huge plane to move to New Zealand for a few years. Our Visas can last up to 3 years and then we may apply for work Visas after that which last longer.
This journey has really been amazing in so many ways. God's hand and presence is right here along with us as we follow His leading and Word.
2 weeks ago was my last day at my job of 3 years. :'( Leaving Harvest and the children I grew to love soooo deeply was the hardest thing I have done in years! I'm so glad some of them have instagram and facebook... hehe:) My co-workers supported me Tremendously and I appreciate all they have done, prayed for and encouraged me with! I will miss them tons! I learned quite a bit about myself and others while working there and will take what I've learned and implement it daily on the mission field.
As for Matt, his last day of work is tomorrow and I know he is going to have a rough time saying bye to his "man-family" in the maintenance department. Everyday he receives encouragement, wisdom and always a good laugh from those guys and we will BOTH miss them! Matt's been working at Harvest for 8 years now I believe. He's learned almost every "fix-it, build-it, cut-it, stain-it, weld-it" job there is. He's handy to have around the house ;)

As for now, we are almost finished packing all our home items & church supplies and can't wait to have it shipped! We are taking it down to the port Monday or Tuesday of next week then won't see it again for another 6-8 weeks once we're in New Zealand. That'll feel like Christmas when the time comes:)

We are VERY eager to see the church family in Calvary Chapel Nelson and can't wait to spend the next years with them! They are lovely people who embraced and accepted us 2 years ago when we were there. They will be our local family:)

Well, I must get back to packing our clothes, the last things to pack! I will be blogging a few days before we leave on July 1st.

Please pray for us and this opportunity that God has placed before us. We praise Him for this exciting and humbling opportunity to share the Good News of His Son!!

With love,

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