Thursday, November 15, 2012

Voice lessons

So Tuesdays is badminton day at the local indoor courts here in Nelson. I've been about 6 times and am realizing more and more that I miss tennis:) Badminton just isn't my forte. But it's a great time to spend with my friend Cheryl and get to know people in the community.

While talking with one of the players about my visa and music, I mentioned that I studied vocal performance at California Baptist University. He wanted to know if I would teach his 16 year old daughter to sing. "Uhh, YES." So we scheduled it for the next day! I whipped out my handy keyboard my dad bought me a couple years ago as a back up for our Yamaha full-length and got prepped. And boy was I stoked for my first voice student here in New Zealand!
Matt and I bought a used Yamaha 88 key Keyboard (made in the 90's I'm pretty sure) for $60 to use in church for worship. The weighted keys and crisp sounds are so lovely! Unfortunately, we didn't bring enough American plug voltage converter thingys (We have 1 coming before Christmas though!) so we haven't been able to use in it church yet. And it's also been making a LOUD fuzzing noise since we moved it here. Boo :/
I was expecting it to fuzz during the whole lesson since it had every minute we've been on it since. It's really obnoxious but fixable with the right tools. BUT, it was PERFECT the entire voice lesson! Matt later told me that he prayed that the piano would cooperate so the lesson would be a great time for both of us. THANK YOU MATT :)
The Lord Wayyyy blessed the lesson, the piano, and the start of a great teaching adventure. She said it was the best voice lesson she's ever had and doesn't want to try any other teachers. Her confidence improved just within the one hour, I was so pleased. We had a lot of fun and found out as soon as I gave her the Hymn words for her first song that she is a Christian too. That alone will add SO much to her heart for what she sings.

Anyway, teaching voice is bringing me back to everything my voice teacher taught me while at CBU and reminding me what a blessing it is to sing for the Lord.

P.s. I found this while gardening yesterday :)

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